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Greenpeace Miss-guided


P R E S S   R E L E A S E


For Immediate Release:

May 8, 2003


Contact: Niger Innis

(212) 598-4000


CORE blasts lethal Greenpeace policies

Censures radical group’s “Run for Death” in NY-NJ parks



           New York City (May 8, 2003) –   Greenpeace radicals are used to writing the script and having the stage to themselves, when they protest Shell Oil or the World Bank. Today, however, soon they will be the target of a vocal, colorful protest organized by the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE).


           Saturday, May 10th, the green radicals will come to New Jersey’s Liberty State Park to recruit members, raise money and frighten people half to death about chemical facilities in New Jersey and New York. The CORE protesters intend to counter them by dramatizing how Greenpeace policies bring misery, disease and death to millions of people in developing countries, particularly in Africa.  


Greenpeace intends a 1K walk and 5K “Run for Your Life” road race to promote its agenda. Calling the event a “Run for Death,” CORE will send over one hundred protesters in African folk garb, “grim reaper” costumes carrying little coffins, beating drums and waving placards. Their goal will be to underscore the millions of Africans who perish every year because Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and other radical groups oppose pesticide spraying to control malaria, biotechnology to ease malnutrition, and electrical generating plants to power hospitals and water treatment plants.


Placards carried by CORE demonstrators will read: Africans want better lives, Stop the eco-manslaughter, DDT saves African lives, and Well-fed Greens – Starving Africans.


          “Greenpeace is part of an international network of socialist, anti-development organizations located in all the capitals of the developed world and most developing nations,” said Niger Innis, National Spokesperson for CORE. “To serve its own ideological agenda, it wants to keep the Third World permanently mired in Third World poverty, disease and death. So far it has succeeded. We are here to tell these radicals that we aren’t going to stand for this anymore. And neither are the poor people of Africa, Asia and Latin America.”


“Greenpeace claims it is ‘for the people,’” Innis noted. “In reality, it is a powerful elite of  First World activist whose hardcore agenda puts people last. It's time to hold these zealots accountable for the misery and death they cause."


Worldwide, 2 billion people still have no electrical power, no lights, no refrigeration, no clean drinking water. Instead, women and children squat in mud and wet cow dung, to collect manure for fuel. Millions die every year from lung diseases caused by indoor air pollution from these cooking fires, or diarrhea due to contaminated food and drinking water.


Nuclear, hydroelectric and fossil fuel plants could help solve these problems – and provide electricity and hope for schools, hospitals, businesses, industries and communities. But green radicals oppose all these projects, and tell these destitute people they should be happy with little solar panels on their huts. Now and for generations to come.


 Across Africa, malaria kills 2 million people every year, half of them children. Over 250 million more get this horrible disease and are unable to work for weeks or months on end, costing their countries $12 billion annually. Malaria also threatens Asia and Latin America.


DDT and other pesticides, used in tiny amounts, can slash malaria rates and deaths by 80% or more. But Greenpeace absolutely opposes this and pressures the European Union to ban fish and agricultural exports (including tobacco!) from any African nation that uses DDT. Even the liberal New York Times says “wealthy nations should be helping poor countries with all available means – including DDT.” But the callous eco-radicals refuse to budge.


In southern Africa, 14 million people are starving. Desperate to survive another day, they hunt down and cook anything that swims, runs, crawls or flies. Biotechnology could save lives and preserve wildlife and habitats, by enabling farmers to grow more food on less land.


But well-fed eco-fanatics shriek “Frankenfoods” and “genetic pollution.” They threaten sanctions on nations that dare to grow genetically modified crops, to feed their people or replace crops that have been wiped out by insects and blights. They plan to spend $175 million battling biotech foods over the next five years. Not one dime of this will go to the starving poor, and even Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore is disgusted that the organization he once led “puts unfounded fear-mongering ahead of the world’s poor.” But the zealots are unmoved.


Other chemicals are just as important as pesticides for saving lives. Without chlorine, for example, water purification becomes almost impossible. But radical greens are also trying to eliminate chlorine and pressure developing countries not to use it. “In 1991, they managed to persuade Peruvian authorities to stop chlorinating the nation’s drinking water,” Innis pointed out, “and a cholera epidemic infected half a million people and killed 4,700. The radicals’ priorities are completely upside down. And now they want to impose the same lethal policies here in the United States.”


 “The carnage has got to end,” Innis said. “People should be ashamed to support these fanatics and the eco-manslaughter they are perpetrating on the world’s most destitute people. Today’s protest is just the first step in bringing justice to the Third World.”


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