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Civil Rights Movement Pins


[CORE Freedom Now pin]

A CORE pin from the early '60s


[CORE Freedom

Pin worn by CORE Freedom Riders


March on Washington pin, 1963


Pin of the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights



Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee pin 1961 - 1966

[We Shall

Pin worn by members of all the

Freedom Movement organizations


Southern Christian Leadership Conference pin, 1965 and later




Get Rid of Wallace pin wore during Selma Movement, 1965

[Southern Student Organizing Committee (SSOC) pin from later 

Southern Student Organizing Committee pin from late '60s

[Let's End Discrimination pin]



[We Shall Overcome pin]



SNCC Voting pin,1963  1966

[SCLC pin from Chicago project, 1966]

SCLC pin from

Chicago project, 1966


[SSOC pin]

Southern Student Organizing Committee, 1965

[Meredith March pin]

Meredith March Against Fear

pin Mississippi 1966

[I Am a White Agitator pin]

In the early '60s a prominent segregationist stated that the local "nigras" were being stirred up by white agitators. CORE responded with this pin "CWA" stood for "Congress of White Agitators."


Southern Community

Organizing & Political Education pin from SCLC's

summer project of 1965

[Fist pin]

From the drawing by SNCC

volunteer Frank Ciciorca, this fist symbol was widely used in the

late '60s on pins, flyers, posters,

pamphlets, and so on



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